People want Mentorship but Few Have a Mentor

People want advice and support from a mentor.

76% of people think mentors are important according to Forbes.

But there’s a problem…

Only 37% of professionals have a mentor.

Most are missing out on these mentorship opportunities:

✅️ Someone trusted and experienced to bounce ideas off
✅️ Someone to discuss challenges with
✅️ Access to someone experienced in a new field
✅️ Someone who has been in the same or similar roles
✅️ Someone to problem solve and brainstorm with
✅️ Access to expertise one doesn’t currently have


How can this gap be bridged? Let me know below.

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Published by Dasanj Aberdeen

Dasanj Aberdeen is an entrepreneurial spirit who embodies the combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity. She is a consultant and proponent of multidisciplinary education, approaches and pursuits. She writes about their benefits in modern times and integrating multiple interests into a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle. She's a graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University with a concentration in Technology & Innovation Management, jointly delivered by the Fox School of Business and College of Engineering.