Interdisciplinary Careers: DEI + Product Management

LinkedIn published its annual Jobs on the Rise list in the U.S., featuring the 25 fastest-growing job titles over the past five years.

This list provides insight into what’s next and the opportunities on the horizon.

What if we push this further? What if we explore interdisciplinary opportunities by combining jobs on the list?

Let’s look at Diversity and Inclusion Manager + Technical Product Manager

Here are some interdisciplinary opportunities with this combination:

Build products for everyone
Products have limited reach when built with one type of user in mind. To build for everyone, include everyone in the build.

Embody the diversity in product management
Product management is enhanced when teams have different backgrounds, ideas and approaches. Put this in practice.

Recognize and remove bias
A diverse perspective can help identify biases that are built into the algorithm. Diversify user acceptance testing.

Break down barriers to tech
Create opportunities and promote representation so people see others who look like them in product spaces.


What are some other benefits of combining DEI + Product Management? I would love to hear below!

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