Using a Weighted Scoring Model to Prioritize

How do product managers prioritize?

One way is to use a weighted scoring model.

It helps to rank features or initiatives based on an overall score.

This ranking can then be used for feature prioritization on a product roadmap.

Here are the steps for using a weighted scoring model:

➡️ List the features – Which features are you considering for your product roadmap?

➡️ Define the key criteria – Which criteria are important to weigh the options?

➡️ Assign the weight for each criteria – Set the percentage for the criteria, based on importance.

➡️ Assign a value for each feature – Set a value between 0 and 5 for each feature

➡️ Determine the score – Multiply the assigned weighted score by the number assigned to the criteria.

➡️ Prioritize the features – Make the priority list based on the ranked total score

Features with a high score are prioritized for the roadmap and those with the lowest score are moved to the backlog.

Have you used the weighted scoring model? How was it useful?

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