Jobs-to-be-done framework

Customers “hire” a product to get a job done.

The job may be to accomplish tasks, achieve goals, resolve problems, or improve their lives.

The job is the progress a customer seeks in a particular situation.

Popularized by Clayton Christensen, the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) framework assumes:

➡️ A job-to-be-done is stable over time

➡️ A job-to-be-done is solution agnostic

➡️ Customers prefer one platform to get the job done

Why is JTBD important?

➡️ Focuses on a customer’s needs based on situations instead of personas

➡️ Focuses on the customer instead of the product to create compelling experiences

Here are some questions product teams should ask:

➡️ Does the product get the entire job done?

➡️ Are parts of the job left undone?

➡️ Are customers using another product to get the rest of the job done?

➡️ How can we address the JTBD on one platform?

Do you use the JTBD framework? How has it helped your process? Let me know below.

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