How to Communicate your Product Ideas

Product management involves cross-functional collaboration.

Working with developers, QA, customers, marketing, sales, stakeholders etc.

How do you get your message across when they have limited time?

Use the tried and true product approach:

Start with the needs of the customer.

Ask: How does my target audience learn?

Consider these learning styles as you tailor your message:

➡️ Visual (Spatial) – Preference for seeing and observing spatially

Tools: Journey map, roadmap, wireframe, pictures, colors, charts

➡️ Aural (Auditory) – Preference for sound and hearing information

Tools: Focus group, read-alouds, verbal instructions, discussions

➡️ Verbal (Linguistic) – Preference for reading, writing or speaking

Tools: Web copy, FAQ, support article, bullet points, note-taking

➡️ Physical (Kinesthetic) – Preference to experience, be hands-on and a doer

Tools: Prototype, UAT, activity

➡️ Logical (Mathematical) – Preference for logic, reasoning and systems

Tools: KPIs, quantitative research, usage data, revenue data

💡 When in doubt, remember 65% of people are visual learners.

Does this include you? What’s your learning style? Let me know in the comments.

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