Moving Beyond an MVP

You launched your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

You now have a product with enough features that’s usable by early customers who can validate assumptions and provide feedback.

What happens next?

Here are a few shifts in focus as you move beyond your MVP:

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ➡️ Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)

Limited budget ➡️ Dedicated funding

Needs & pain points ➡️ Wants with emotional appeal

Core features ➡️ Nice-to-have features

Reduced friction ➡️ User experience & product design

Early adopters ➡️ Broader appeal

Customer feedback ➡️ Product enhancements

Validation ➡️ Unique selling proposition

Attractive pricing ➡️ Optimal pricing


What other areas would you focus on as you move beyond an MVP? Let me know below.

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Published by Dasanj Aberdeen

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