How to transition into a new role

“What suggestions do you have for me since I’m new?”

This is a common question.

Being new can be overwhelming.

Where do you start?

Especially when you don’t know what you don’t know?

It helps to have a clear path to fast-track the transition into a new role.

Here’s what I’ve seen work and the guidance I’ve provided as a mentor:

👉🏾 Learn about the new work environment – Gather information and be open

👉🏾 Learn about your new role – What will you be expected to do?

👉🏾 Make connections – Set up chats to meet your new colleagues

👉🏾 Expand your network – Ask them to connect you to others

👉🏾 Offer to help – Learn new skills that can be applied forward

👉🏾 Get organized – Take notes and use tools to manage your time


What would you add to this list to help a newcomer succeed? I would love to know below!

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Published by Dasanj Aberdeen

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