How to Future-Proof your Product Management Skills

Thinking about how to future-proof your product management skills?

You’ve probably seen the traditional Venn diagram of customer, technology and business.

But the evolution of product management supports a broader, more cross-domain view per Gartner.

As product management roles become more focused on outcomes and strategic planning, there will be a greater emphasis on bringing the “voice of the customer” and an “outside-in” perspective to the business with customer data analytics and insights.

Here are some of the top skills for product managers:

➡️ Storytelling
➡️ Empathy
➡️ Whole-product experience
➡️ Strategic alignment
➡️ Data insights
➡️ Discovery and validation
➡️ Customer value projection
➡️ Outcome ownership


What other skills do you think are important for product managers? Let me know below.

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