How do you Learn about your Favorite Products?

How do you learn about your favorite products?

Product awareness is critical to a product’s success.

The process starts early.

Even before the customer decides they need the product.

Why is that?

Because initial communications teach customers how they may benefit from using the product.

The messaging is about the problem solved and the value delivered.

It isn’t just about the product itself.

Here are some considerations to generate product awareness:

➡️ How will customers learn about the product?
➡️ Which benefits should customers know about?
➡️ Where can more information be found?
➡️ Why is the product better than the competitor’s?
➡️ Which channels will be used for promotion?
➡️ Where can customers engage with the brand?
➡️ How and where will the product be sold?
➡️ Where do customers share feedback?


What helps you learn about a new product?

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