Four Ways Product Management Promotes Innovation

Innovation makes it possible to deliver value to customers and create competitive advantage. It is a collective effort, with breakthrough ideas arising at intersections.

As a team sport, product management fuels innovation by its very nature, with a process to deliver products to market and create value over the lifecycle of the product.

Here are four ways product management promotes innovation:

➡️ Identifying unmet needs in the market

An eye on market trends, customer needs and competition presents opportunities for new products & enhancements.

➡️ Crowdsourcing ideas and solutions

Ideas arise from customer complaints heard by the support team, via research from marketing or from objections heard by sales.

➡️ Collaborating across functions

From design to build and launch, product innovation involves many players who bring a unique perspective.

➡️ Maintaining a strategic focus and vision

Beyond a specific product or service, a high-level business vision takes every company decision into account for massive, enterprise-wide change.


What are other ways that product management promotes innovation? Let me know below!

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Published by Dasanj Aberdeen

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