Customers care about the value they get from a product

Customers don’t care about a product’s technology.

They are not interested in which API is called or how digital a company is.

What do they care about? 🤔

💡They care about what’s in it for them.

💡They care that the product solves their problem or addresses their needs and provides benefits.

Here are some common benefits:

1. Convenience – Customers want to save time and for things to be made easier.

2. Peace of mind – Customers want to feel safe and protected.

3. Quality – Customers want a certain standard and degree of excellence.

4. Productivity – Customers want to get more done.

5. Usability – Customers want an intuitive design and experience.

💡 These days, customers have a voice and a choice.

💡They care about the value they’ll derive from a product.


What else do you see customers value?

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Published by Dasanj Aberdeen

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