Stay Ready, Make Quick Decisions, Reach Your Goals

Like most people, I enjoy order, structure and a plan. They give me a sense of predictability and security that make me feel comfortable.

But does a carefully crafted approach always bring the impact, value and reward we want? Better yet, does it maximize each of these? Sometimes having the greatest plan isn’t effective if it isn’t relevant and timely.

I’ve had some of my most impactful and  rewarding experiences when I didn’t overly or directly plan them. Here are some examples:

Homeownership. One year ago, I closed on a new condo. It started with a viewing on Saturday and putting in an offer by Monday night. Prior to that Saturday, buying a house was on my long-term list of goals but nowhere near my short-term one.  Although it is one of the biggest purchases people make in life, I am at ease with my decision despite the overwhelmingly, quick turnaround at the time.

Travel and experiences. About two and a half weeks ago, I booked a round trip ticket to London.  I knew this was a possibility a while back but I was waiting for the right time before committing to it. Days prior to flying out, I also booked round trip train tickets to Paris and Coventry. I’m in London now and the experience has been awesome despite only three days in. I’m really happy I booked the trip and it has moved me to write this post.

So what’s next?

It occurred to me that I should add one more thing to my list of impromptu decisions while I’m here.

Website launch. The first step with this site was setting it up and publishing blog posts. The next step is a public launch where I openly share it with my readers. To-date I haven’t set a hard date for the launch. But since I’m here on this great, experiential journey and sharing how some impromptu decisions have worked out for me, I’ve decided to launch and share this new website while here in Europe! I’m looking forward to getting started and moving toward the goals I have for this website!

Getting and staying ready. So how do I make it possible to jump at opportunities as they arise? It does take some legwork which I plan to expand on in an upcoming post.  Will Smith said it best and this is how I like to run my life:

If you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready.

Until then, I plan to share some of my trip including tips and overall experiences.  So stop by! But one quick way to have these tidbits come to you is to sign up to my newsletter here:

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